Meet Kimberly

I started messing around with paint in 2005. My first painting was of my childhood superball collection (it’s awesome).  In 2007, I moved to Durham, NC to go to PA school and started painting lungs during a study group one day. That was it–I’ve been painting medical art since then and Idiopathic Art was born!

Over the last year I’ve focused more on oncology, as that’s primarily what I do at work. Cancer is an ugly thing, and it’s an ugly time for my patients; they face it with amazing grace and positivity which inspires me every day. Trying to find beauty in it, or invoking positive imagery of tumor death, has helped me process this part of my life.

I also enjoy doing commissioned pieces—from hand bones for the graduating hand surgeon to gallstones for a friend who recently had her gall bladder out. Everybody loves a good gall bladder!


Meet the Community

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