• I love Kim’s artwork despite the fact that I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on t.v. For me, it’s all about her use of color and the passion she puts into the brush strokes. I love my “Mini Alveoli” that hangs in my office--mostly because it’s beautiful, but also because I learned something when I googled “alveoli.”

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    Amy Eller

  • A friend showed me Idiopathic Art while I was in nursing school. I loved how the artist brought anatomy to life with bold colors and slightly twisted humor. I bought ``Dancing Dendrites`` for myself as a graduation present. It is a lively conversation piece in my living room and one of my favorite pieces of art!

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    Tracey Williams

  • ``I wanted a painting for my office when I first went into practice. I was looking for something that was unique, but that also honoured the discipline that I worked so hard to be in. I was fortunate enough to acquire Kim Howard's first inspiration, Autumn Alveoli. Not only did I have the iconic painting, but I also had a painting that perfectly captured the awe that I have for my line of work. I adore the painting so much that I am commissioning a full ``four seasons`` series!``

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    Mimi Pham Ceppa